Where to find me online


Zombie Take-Out: The B-movie/cult film review podcast that I co-host and produce.


My Hello Poetry profile: All of my best poetry gets posted here


My Deviant Art profile: Mostly poetry, with some photography and digital visual art thrown in.


the rec list: My media recommendation blog. (on hiatus)


Stanza 365: From early 2010 to early 2011, I challenged myself to write a 1 poem/day. Here are the results.


Channel Anime: An anime review show that I co-hosted and produced on Youtube in 2013.


The Tuesday Afternoon Show: A sketch comedy podcast that co-hosted and produced from 2005 to 2008.


My Music. Please excuse my horrible vocals. I’m still proud of the music, but I’ve since accepted that I can’t and shouldn’t sing.


Prelude: A short classical guitar piece that I composed


My appearance as a guest on the Geek Questioner Podcast.


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